11 / 12 / 19

Qmatic's premium partner in Georgia

NGT Group is the first company to introduce queue management systems in Georgia 13 years ago. Despite the skeptical attitude at the beginning, the queue management system became the standard of modern customer service.


QMATIC has been successfully implemented in: all of the Georgian banks, insurance companies, government organizations, numerous clinics, and hospitals. Every year, QMATIC prints more than 50 million tickets in 650 different service centers across 25 Georgian cities.


NGT Group holds QMATIC’s highest, Premiere Solution Partner status and is in the top 5 among 120 distributors worldwide.


Our success, coupled with a strong manufacturer, is driven by a team of professional technical engineers. They handle more than 7,000 incidents throughout the year, within average 60 minutes per case and operate at all service centers located in Georgia.


The world's best queue management system


QMATIC is a Swedish company that has developed the world’s first queue management system 35 years ago. QMATIC is still number one in this field and is 30 times bigger than its largest competitor. The system has 85,000 service centers across 125 countries, with 2.5 billion system users per year.


Despite the global outsourcing trend in China, QMATIC products are manufactured directly in Sweden, leading to their superior quality, stability, and durability (7-10 years).


QMATIC has very rich and comprehensive software functionality, which has been in development over the past 35 years. There is no business process or operational model that’s not considered in the QMATIC functionality.


Consequently, the company that chooses QMATIC gains experience gathered throughout the years from the very first day of service.

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