Hear to what

your customer is saying

Voice Recording

What our customer are saying?

Despite the fact that the most of the business owners know the basics of customer experience improvements, they don’t know what customers think when they go through the purchasing process and leave with the items or services they purchased.


We agree on fact that customer-centric approach is the most crucial part in modern era. Not knowing your customers thoughts gives you the results that will cater only your competitor’s needs. This particular lack of knowledge creates number of business killing errors:


  1. Building unclear customer experience vision;
  2. Misunderstanding who your customers are;
  3. Ignoring an emotional connection with customers;
  4. Missing customer feedback in real time;

When we listen and hear

The Solution is to be able to objectively understand and evaluate every single interaction between customer and employee. VOIX is in person customer experience monitoring system which is made to record and listen to unbiased customer. With a voice recording and back-end processes VOIX elevates the shopping on a whole new level. An unbiased evaluation process mentioned above takes place at the desk of your employees.


Without the reports that VOIX can collect, companies would be missing out on important information about their business and customers.

The real voice of customer

VOIX Benefits and how they work.


The Business can generate benefits based on the values that VOIX can provide:


  1. Customer satisfaction and experience.

With help of a VOIX you will be able to take an inside look into the in-person customer experience. Create a possibility to gauge customer satisfaction and improve first-person experiences.


  1. Audit of the company's employees.

This particular option gives you an opportunity to monitor how employees are interacting with customers and to know how they conduct themselves when a supervisor is not around.


  1. Future employees and training.

VOIX can help companies to improve their training processes by identifying areas where employees lacked skills or competencies.


VOIX is a valuable add-on to discover and improve the customer experience. Listening to the voice of customers matters more than ever.