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who is your customer?

KYC - Customer Onboarding

Is it really you?

Financial institutions and many other regulated businesses are subject to increasing regulatory pressures relating to AML, economic sanctions and export controls. KYC is the process of verifying the identity of your customers when they start doing business with you. Financial institutions and many other regulated businesses must comply with KYC. Its laws are intended to limit money laundering, terrorism funding, corruption and other illegal activities. This process was lot easier when onboarding and high-risk transactions took place in person. Nowadays, organizations require electronic KYC or e-KYC and the starting point is online identity verification.

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In order to succeed you need a solution that is convenient for customers and accurately verifies that they are who they claim to be. Gemalto KYC enables a quick, easy and secure ID verification for enrolling new customers online. Gemalto ID Verification solution provides a smooth customer onboarding experience that complies with KYC regulations, uses biometric checks and minimizes the risk of fraud.

Gemalto KYC meets the mandatory requirements of the whole KYC:

  • Customer policy
    • Digital capture of customer information;
    • Instant auto-fill in enterprise data systems;
  • Customer identification procedures
    • Multichannel identity document verification;
    • Adaptable security levels;
  • Monitoring of transactions
    • Options of customer authentication;
    • Biometric technologies;
  • Risk management
    • Options of customer risk assessment;
    • Review of PEPs, sanctions or watch lists.


A digital ID verification process enables a bank to automatically capture customer demographic data which can be integrated into the enterprise systems such as CRM to streamline the customer onboarding process, conduct further due diligence, risk assessment and if necessary link to external resources to review.

The identity verification process can be completed in two possible ways:


  • In branch(attended):
    • Scanners;
    • Tablets;
    • High-end scanning equipment.
  • Remotely(unattended):
    • Mobile phone;
    • Tablet;
    • PC


 E-KYC helps with your online business' safe development.