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Booking Systems

Time Consuming Queues

One of the most important modern standards of customer service is to provide service in less possible time and without any discomfort. Long waiting times indicate a negative customer experience that the consumer rarely forgives.


The success of a company in the customer service field is increasingly dependent on factors such as positive customer experience, effective flow management, proper distribution of staff time, etc. Providing quality service is associated with great challenges.


Customers who wait in the service area need only a few seconds to get a negative impression. The best way to avoid this is to deliver the service without queues, which is only possible by booking a visit in advance.


Every traditional booking method requires a human touch and a significant amount of time. The last part is the most complicated in terms of process management.

Avoid Long Queues By Booking

Qmatic booking is an effortless solution to deal with these challenges. It helps to improve service and perfectly balance the workloads.


The booking system helps to easily adjust the staff workload during the day, neutralize the peak hour stress, control the customer flow, and effectively use the less busy hours. 


The visit can be booked independently, using the web platform. In a simple and intuitive app, the user indicates the personal data, selects the desired service, location, date-time, and then registers the booking. An SMS message containing the visit details is sent after confirmation. As the date of the visit approaches, the user will receive a reminder SMS.


In healthcare, as much as 10-12% of appointments in a clinic are canceled and up to 35% of all appointments made by patients are re-scheduled. In addition to that, A study shows that A 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing cost

Organized Customer Visits

The online booking method brings tangible benefits to the organization. It improves both the user experience and operational efficiency.

  • Ease of access – Ease of access means that customers easily can find you and book a meeting with you – through a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Improved customer experience relates to increased customer retention.
  • Saves time – A customer can make an appointment with you just within a few minutes from the comfort of their home or workplace. 
  • Improved efficiency – With an appointment management system it is possible to even out customer flow, to match service requests with the right resource, and utilize staff more efficiently.


Anytime/Anywhere – In an online appointment system, a customer can make an appointment any time

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