signature process

Biometric Signatures

Signature still on paper?

Signature has played an important role in human communication for ages. First personalized signatures were created to mark one’s property. As security-related issues progressed, there was a need to distinguish and verify one’s true identity. Therefore, with the help of a technology or simply with good hand copying forging an ink signature became a lot easier. Despite the fact that hand signatures have been in vogue for time immemorial, they are very easy to forge. Also, the nature of paper document makes the task of forgery very easy. Since any contract or document has to be signed by a number of individuals, it is exchanged between places and hands.

Biometric Signature is unique and unrepeatable

Wacom signature pads measure unique biometric data that occurs during the signing process. The process that leaves an individual’s physical features like the speed and acceleration of the stroke of signature, the pressure exerted during the signature, changes of direction and the stroke of a pencil whilst carrying out a signature.


Biometric verification of a signature cannot be imitated even if an imposter is able to imitate signature itself. it’s almost impossible to imitate exact physical characteristics in the tiny time frame of writing signatures.

Biometrically signed

The biometric signature verification system does not treat signatures as an image, rather the personal profile is created on the basis of physical characteristics of the signee. Biometric signature is linked to only one signee and is used to capture legally binding handwritten signatures, that verify that individual only.
There are some other benefits of having a biometric signature:

  • Fit Modern Business Practices
    • Cut waiting times and improve user experience;
    • Easy to locate documents;
    • Replace manual application wherever a customer needs to present his/her signature;
  • Enhanced Security
    • Eliminate the possibility of fraud or identity theft during the authentication process;
    • Guaranteed expert valuation;
    • Easily track who viewed contracts and when they signed them;
  • Going Paperless
    • Eliminates the need to create scan or sign physical documents;
    • Saves money and improve organization;
    • Physical storage is no longer required;


If you're interested in saving time and money as well as improving your business's performance security and customer satisfaction then the Wacom Biometric signature set is the solution for you.